P3iD Cloud announces ‘Lease to Own’ finance program (P3iD-LtO)


P3iD Cloud announces ‘Lease to Own’ finance program (P3iD-LtO)


San Jose, CA- November 14, 2016: P3iD Cloud, a silicon-valley based technology company focused on delivering modern business process enhancement solutions, is pleased to announce the ‘P3iD Cloud Lease to Own’ finance program (P3iD-LtO).

P3iD-LtO is a financing option that allows businesses to introduce P3iD Cloud solutions within their particular environments without the traditional capital expense associated with outright purchase of technology. Some of the obvious benefits of P3iD-LtO include the following:

  •  – Operational Expense versus Capital Expense
  •  – Try and Buy versus outright Purchase
  •  – Evaluate benefits on a monthly basis
  •  – Apply the cumulative lease investment into purchase cost

A fundamental core of ‘cloud computing’ technology is the benefit to share access to Enterprise-type solutions with the masses via a shared resource and reduced business costs. P3iD-LtO now extends a similar philosophy via financing options to reduce the barrier to entry via a lease, or subscription, finance option.

With P3iD-LtO, businesses are afforded the luxury of utilizing a monthly lease option. This leasing option reduces budgetary constraints and allows greater access for organizations to evaluate these types of solutions. In the end, P3iD Cloud solutions help create better business efficiencies to reduce operation costs, improve client experiences and provide a business advantage and with P3iD-LtO more organizations can now try these solutions for themselves.

By removing traditional capital equipment purchase restrictions to implement modern cloud-based business process enhancement solutions within organizations, savvy business owners and departmental managers are afforded a great opportunity to lease these solutions on a trial basis to provide validation for their eventual purchase.

The P3iD-LtO program provides access to Enterprise technology solutions without the upfront Enterprise costs. Upon credit approval from P3iD Cloud, the integrated solution would be shipped to the end-user location, installed and configured. After installation, and upon client acceptance, the receiving Company would pay a monthly lease fee to P3iD Cloud which would be a small fraction of the typical overall acquisition price. At the end of the lease period the receiving Company can either choose to return the solution to P3iD Cloud or choose to keep, and apply the lease fees, to the overall purchase costs.

For more details on P3iD-LtO please contact P3iD Cloud via e-mail at LtO@P3iDCloud.com.


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