P3iD Cloud Announces ‘Everlee Series’™ of Business Productivity Solutions

Everlee Series™ Business Productivity Solutions


Announces ‘Everlee Series’ of Business Productivity Solutions

San Jose, CA- May 5, 2016: P3iD Cloud, a silicon-valley based technology company focused on delivering modern business process enhancement solutions, is pleased to announce the ‘Everlee Series™’ of Business Productivity Solutions.

Everlee Series™ is a suite of business productivity enhancement solutions that have common core capabilities of document processing workflow automation, yet, possess the design planning enabling the Everlee Series™ to scale from a small to enterprise solution depending on the clients needs. To achieve enhanced business productivity, and provide organizations of all sizes with tangible return on their Everlee Series™ investment, P3iD Cloud incorporates software which, will make an immediate impact to improve business efficiency.

Specifically, within most organizations an obvious area of business process improvement is taking a traditional process based on human labor and then automating the same process using modern technologies. This is exactly what Everlee Series™ provides with the ability to perform business productivity functions such as automatically extracting key fields from incoming Invoices and then instantly exporting this data to an organizations accounting system. Or automatically extracting key data from a business card or receipt to import into a database without the need for a human to manually enter this data.

P3iD Cloud System Certified SolutionAdditionally, Everlee Series™ takes away all the complication typically associated with introducing new technologies within organizations and delivers technology, integration and support into one convenient solution. Any organization can benefit from these pre-configured systems for many reasons. First, using the exact parts that will be deployed will reduce the likelihood of any defective parts. Secondly, a pre-configured solutions great reduces the effort involved to deploy these new technologies on existing networks. Lastly, P3iD Cloud includes training, service and support to ensure smooth deployment now, as well as in the future when organizational requirements change.

Available in three standard solution configurations, Everlee Series™ is a wise technology investment due to the fact that return on investment is measurable through decreased labor costs associated with manual data entry. With Everlee Series™ solutions organizations can automate the data entry process and allow employees to perform more productive tasks that help generate revenue, improve customer service or do other work.

Everlee Series™ consists of three standard solutions with customization optional:


Everlee Series™ 2500

             – A perfect fit for small businesses. The ideal solution to improve typical business workflow                 bottlenecks by introducing logical business process improvement technology

                – Network-attached document scanner, computer, network, storage and service

Everlee Series™ 3500

      – Adds an additional layer of distributed computing and piece-of-mind

                 – Everlee Series™ 2500 configuration plus administration server, administration console and additional document scanners

Everlee Series™ 4500

              – Solution for the Enterprise with minimal on-site configuration

                       – Everlee Series™ 3500 configuration plus additional management network, user                                 workstations, power-user workstations and Enterprise storage system

  – Custom configurations of Everlee Series™ 4500 also available depending on your specific requirements

If your organization is ready to take the next logical step of deploying business productivity enhancements solutions, P3iD Cloud, encourages you to contact them about the Everlee Series™ of Business Productivity Solutions. For more information, please e-mail EverleeSeries@P3iDCloud.com or contact P3iD Cloud at 408-673-7330.


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P3iD Cloud is a Silicon Valley-based technology company, with a specialization geared toward cloud computing and application technologies. Comprised of a team of experienced tech-industry professionals, our extensive understanding of real-world customer requirements for business productivity enhancement solutions is robust. Within the team, are experts in traditional technologies, as well as a strong vision toward steadily emerging technologies. P3iD Cloud will connect your people to processes through modern mechanization with customized productivity to enhance your bottom line.