P3iD Cloud Marketing Syndication Program for effective messaging (P3iD-MSP)


San Jose, CA- November 21, 2016: P3iD Cloud, a silicon-valley based technology company focused on delivering modern business process enhancement solutions, is pleased to announce the ‘P3iD Cloud Marketing Syndication Program for effective messaging’ (P3iD-MSP).

The P3iD Cloud Marketing Syndication Program extends P3iD Cloud’s marketing materials to VIP partners by re-branding select materials on behalf of your company. Traditional print and online marketing often requires labor, time and costs to create content. To help create a business advantage for P3iD Cloud partners, P3iD-MSP was created to provide exclusive access to important marketing collateral, accelerating business growth through effective digital marketing campaigns.

P3iD-MSP is a program that truly is a win-win situation which enables P3iD Cloud VIP partners to access proprietary, and exclusive digital content to be re-branded as their own. P3iD-VIPs can request custom-branding for a wide variety of digital content that they can promote as their own.

P3iD Cloud Marketing Syndication Program (P3iD-MSP) highlights include:

  • – Augment an existing marketing strategy with additional branded content
  • – Deliver concise messaging to targeted audiences
  • – Expand business opportunities into vertical markets
  • – Share a cohesive message that aligns with P3iD Cloud’s overall vision

Content from the P3iD Marketing digital asset library, includes materials created from many years of practical technology experience, real-world use case scenarios and end-user case studies. Marketing collateral available from P3iD-MSP includes original content including presentations, brochures, white papers, blogs, press releases, videos and much more. Benefits of P3iD-MSP include the following:

  • – Reduce, or eliminate, digital marketing expense while still providing valuable content
  • – Demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise (SME) on particular technologies and vertical markets
  • – Quicker time-to-market with access to a full library of various digital marketing assets
  • – Increase exposure into new and lucrative markets without the complicated effort

For anyone interested in joining the P3iD-MSP please visit http://p3idcloud.com/submit-ticket/ and request a password for P3iD-MSP VIP access or e-mail media@p3idcloud.com. Upon approval, you will be provided access to the P3iD Cloud-VIP Lounge where you will have access to exclusive content which can be branded for your companies own digital marketing campaigns.


P3iD Cloud Media Relations Contact | E-mail: media@p3idcloud.com | Voice: (408) 673-7330


About P3iD Cloud

P3iD Cloud is a Silicon Valley-based technology company, with a specialization geared toward cloud computing and application technologies. Comprised of a team of experienced tech-industry professionals, our extensive understanding of real-world customer requirements for business productivity enhancement solutions is robust. Within the team, are experts in traditional technologies, as well as a strong vision toward steadily emerging technologies. P3iD Cloud will connect your people to processes through modern mechanization with customized productivity to enhance your bottom line.