P3iD Cloud Adds Systems Integration and Value-Added Services to Solutions Portfolio



Adds Systems Integration and Value-Added Services to Solutions Portfolio

San Jose, CA- May 2, 2016: 
P3iD Cloud, a silicon-valley based technology company focused on delivering modern business process enhancement solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Systems Integration and Value-Added Services to their portfolio.

“It’s very obvious that today’s businesses need solutions and not piece-parts”, said Kevin Neal, P3iD Cloud CEO. “The true value of technology is to provide solutions that enrich people’s lives, provide a more pleasant work experience, and help organizations be more efficient overall. This is our goal by creating P3iD Cloud Integration Services.”  

P3iD Cloud Systems Integration and Value-Added Services is a significant part of the P3iD Cloud value proposition. Traditionally when organizations choose to implement new technology there is a lot of time and effort involved from many business departments, not only the technical division, and it’s difficult to coordinate efforts. There is tangible time and cost associated, for example, with simply sourcing the needed parts in-house, which P3iD Cloud provides as a Value-Added Service. After parts are sourced, there is often disruption to the work environment to assemble the parts; configure systems and train employees on how to use the new systems. P3iD Cloud Value-Added Services can assemble, configure, test and CERTIFY the solution, removing what can be a painful and expensive process from the customer. P3iD Cloud Value-Added Services can then package the entire solution for shipment and send it directly to the location(s) where the equipment is needed.

“I am so pleased with the professional team working with P3iD Cloud on our Systems Integration and Value-Added Services initiative. They are industry-tested veterans with a great track-record of high client satisfaction.”, said Neal. An important part of P3iD Cloud Systems Integration differentiation is the uncanny support of their chosen technology partners P3iD Cloud has assembled.

In the current era of traditional on premise and emerging cloud services mashup it is important that organizations do not overlook the opportunity to design cutting-edge solutions that provide maximum productivity value. The only real way to truly create best-of-breed solutions with modern technology is through comprehensive design planning, testing of various technology configurations and then exhaustive burn-in stress-testing.

Services for P3iD Cloud Value-Added Services include (but not limited to)

– Certified Systems to reduce dead-on-arrival parts and ensure compatibility

– Contract Manufacturing system integration to lower production costs

– Reduce deployment times to improve total cost of ownership

– Outsourced integration design facilities

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